Best Lemongrab Adventure Time Quotes – Funny And Memorable

If you’re a fan of Adventure Time, then you definitely know Lemongrab – the quirky and memorable character from the Land of Ooo. With his unique, high-pitched voice and bizarre mannerisms, Lemongrab has become a fan favorite. But it’s not just his appearance that makes him so lovable, it’s also his hilarious and unforgettable quotes.

From his iconic catchphrase “UNACCEPTABLE!” to his strange and nonsensical rants, Lemongrab’s quotes are guaranteed to make you laugh. Whether you’re a die-hard Adventure Time fan or just looking for a good laugh, these quotes are sure to brighten your day.

One of Lemongrab’s most memorable quotes is when he declares, “I AM A HERO! A HERO OF JUSTICE!” This quote perfectly captures Lemongrab’s self-absorbed and delusional personality. Despite his flaws, he truly believes that he is the hero of his own story, and his conviction is both funny and endearing.

Another hilarious quote from Lemongrab is when he exclaims, “YOU MADE A POO POO! A PLOPLOPLOPLOPLOPLOPLOPLOPLOPLOPLOP!” This quote showcases Lemongrab’s peculiar obsession with bodily functions, and his over-the-top reaction to something as simple as making a mess is pure comedy gold.

Lemongrab Quotes That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

Adventure Time’s Lemongrab is known for his unique and hilarious way of speaking. His quotes are often filled with nonsensical phrases and extreme emotions, making them memorable and funny. Here are some of Lemongrab’s quotes that will surely make you laugh out loud:

“Unacceptable!” – One of Lemongrab’s most iconic catchphrases, this quote is often said in a loud and exaggerated manner. It’s the perfect way to express his displeasure and dissatisfaction.

“I am the Earl of Lemongrab!” – Lemongrab’s self-proclaimed title adds to his quirky personality. He proudly introduces himself as the Earl of Lemongrab, emphasizing his authority and importance.

“You give me a sick tummy, you horrible lemon child!” – Lemongrab’s insults are always creative and unexpected. This particular quote showcases his unique way of expressing disgust towards others.

“UNACCEPTABLEEEEE!” – Lemongrab’s exaggerated screams are a recurring theme in Adventure Time. This quote perfectly captures his intense emotions and adds a comedic touch to his character.

“UNACCEPTABLLLEEEEEEEEE!” – Lemongrab’s continued screams of “unacceptable” are taken to the extreme in this quote. The elongated yelling further highlights his unpredictability and absurdity.

“Lemon Grab, gooooOOOooo!” – Lemongrab’s strange and elongated way of saying “go” adds a humorous touch to his commands. It showcases his unusual speech pattern and adds to the overall comedic effect.

“I’m not your brother–I’m your clone!” – Lemongrab’s confusion and self-doubt often lead to humorous situations. This quote perfectly captures his need for clarification and his complicated relationship with others.

“You will obey me!” – Lemongrab’s need for control and dominance is evident in this quote. He demands obedience from others, showcasing his authoritative and bossy nature.

“I am the true meaning of pain!” – Lemongrab’s exaggerated way of expressing his suffering adds a humorous touch to his character. This quote showcases his dramatic personality and his need for attention.

“This is unacceptable behavior!” – Lemongrab’s frequent use of the word “unacceptable” demonstrates his obsession with rules and order. This quote showcases his strict and uncompromising nature.

These quotes from Lemongrab are just a glimpse of his unique and hilarious character. His exaggerated emotions and strange way of speaking make him one of the funniest and most memorable characters in Adventure Time.

Unforgettable Lemongrab Moments from Adventure Time

Lemongrab, a character from the animated series Adventure Time, has provided audiences with countless funny and memorable moments throughout the show. Whether it’s his peculiar speech patterns or his eccentric behavior, Lemongrab has become an iconic and unforgettable character in the Adventure Time universe. Here are some of the most unforgettable Lemongrab moments from the show:


In one of the most iconic Lemongrab moments, he utters his signature phrase “UNACCEPTABLE!” during a meeting with Princess Bubblegum. This catchphrase has since become synonymous with Lemongrab and is often quoted by fans of the show.

2. Eating Lemongrab

In an episode titled “All Your Fault,” Lemongrab discovers a lemon candy version of himself and proceeds to eat it. This bizarre moment perfectly showcases Lemongrab’s strange and unpredictable behavior.

3. Lemongrab’s Party

In the episode “Too Old,” Lemongrab attempts to throw a party, but his inability to understand social cues and his overbearing personality make the whole event uncomfortable and awkward. This scene highlights Lemongrab’s complete lack of social skills.

4. Lemongrab’s Scream

Lemongrab’s high-pitched scream is another memorable aspect of his character. He often lets out this ear-piercing scream whenever he is frustrated or angered, adding to his eccentric personality.

5. Lemonhope’s Escape

In the two-part episode “Lemonhope,” Lemongrab’s clone, Lemonhope, escapes from his control and refuses to return to Castle Lemongrab. This moment showcases the divide between the two characters and the consequences of Lemongrab’s overbearing nature.

These unforgettable Lemongrab moments from Adventure Time have provided fans with laughter and entertainment throughout the series. Lemongrab’s quirks and eccentricities have made him a beloved and iconic character in the world of animated television.

The Most Hilarious Lemongrab Catchphrases

Adventure Time’s Lemongrab is one of the most iconic and unforgettable characters on the show. With his unique voice and peculiar personality, he has given us a plethora of hilarious catchphrases that will make you laugh out loud. Here are some of the best Lemongrab catchphrases that will leave you in stitches:

  1. “Unacceptable!” – Lemongrab’s most famous catchphrase. He screams it when something does not meet his standards or expectations.
  2. “This castle is in unacceptable condition! UNACCEPTABLE!” – Lemongrab’s reaction upon entering a messy or dirty castle, always emphasizing the word “unacceptable” multiple times.
  3. “Too young, too young to rule the Candy Kingdom!” – Lemongrab’s dramatic proclamation about Princess Bubblegum’s young age, showcasing his penchant for overreacting.
  4. “You made me! I am your creator!” – Lemongrab’s statement to Princess Bubblegum, reminding her that he is her creation and demanding obedience.
  5. “I demand that you desist in your abuse of my royal personage!” – Lemongrab’s eloquent way of asking someone to stop bothering him or treating him poorly.
  6. “You’re grounded for the next millennium!” – Lemongrab’s disciplinary threat to those who defy his authority.
  7. “UNACCEPTABLEEEEE!” – Lemongrab’s elongated and exaggerated version of “unacceptable,” emphasizing his frustration and dissatisfaction.
  8. “You’re fired!” – Lemongrab’s declaration when he dismisses someone from their duties, showcasing his impulsive and unpredictable nature.
  9. “Get out of my TP, you booby!” – Lemongrab’s insult to Princess Bubblegum, referring to her as a silly and foolish person.
  10. “You are not invited to my party!” – Lemongrab’s exclusionary statement to those he deems unworthy of attending his events.

These hilarious Lemongrab catchphrases are just a glimpse into the world of Adventure Time and the bizarre yet lovable characters it has to offer. Whether you’re a fan of the show or just looking for a good laugh, these quotes will surely brighten your day!

Why Lemongrab is the Funniest Character in Adventure Time

In the cartoon series Adventure Time, Lemongrab is undoubtedly one of the funniest and most memorable characters. Created by Pendleton Ward, Lemongrab is a lemon-based creation with a unique personality that brings laughter to fans of the show.

Lemongrab’s hilarious quirks, eccentricities, and distinct voice make him stand out among the other characters. From his constant shouting to his exaggerated reactions, Lemongrab never fails to bring comedy to the screen.

One of the reasons why Lemongrab is so funny is his obsession with rules and order. He always tries to maintain control and strictness, often resorting to extreme measures when things don’t go as planned. This creates humorous situations as he struggles to enforce his authority, often with hilarious results.

Another comedic aspect of Lemongrab is his lack of social skills. His awkwardness and inability to understand social cues make for many comical misunderstandings and interactions. Whether it’s his bizarre way of speaking or his constant demands for obedience, Lemongrab’s socially inept behavior never fails to entertain.

Furthermore, Lemongrab’s constant state of emotional instability adds to his comedic appeal. From moments of extreme anger to sudden bouts of sadness or fear, his emotional rollercoaster draws laughter from viewers. His exaggerated reactions and over-the-top expressions bring humor to even the most serious of situations.

Lastly, Lemongrab’s unique character design contributes to his humor. With his distorted facial features and exaggerated body proportions, he stands out visually among the other characters in Adventure Time. This, combined with his distinct lemon-like appearance, adds to the comedic effect of his actions and dialogue.

Overall, Lemongrab’s combination of quirky personality, obsession with rules, lack of social skills, emotional instability, and unique design make him the funniest character in Adventure Time. His presence brings laughter and joy to fans of the show, making him a beloved and unforgettable part of the series.

The Quirkiness of Lemongrab’s Speech Style

Lemongrab is a character from the animated TV series Adventure Time known for his unique and quirky speech style. His way of talking is unlike any other character, making his lines both funny and memorable.

One of the most distinct features of Lemongrab’s speech style is his constant use of repetition. He often repeats words or phrases multiple times for emphasis, creating a comedic and slightly unsettling effect. For example, one of his famous quotes is, “Unacceptable! Unacceptable! This will not stand!”

In addition to repetition, Lemongrab also tends to speak in a loud and angry tone, regardless of the situation. His voice is often high-pitched and exaggerated, adding to the humor of his lines. This exaggerated speech pattern is exemplified in phrases like, “You! Come with me! NOW!”

Lemongrab’s speech style also features a unique vocabulary. He often uses unusual and made-up words that add to his eccentric character. For instance, he might say things like, “You are a thief of fleshy feelings!” or “Unacceptable behavior! Delectable!” These creative and unexpected word choices make his lines memorable and entertaining.

Furthermore, Lemongrab often speaks in a robotic and monotone manner, lacking the usual inflections and emotions. This detached tone gives him a stoic and formal impression, despite the absurdity of his words. His deadpan delivery often adds to the comic effect, making his lines even funnier.

In conclusion, Lemongrab’s speech style in Adventure Time is a perfect example of how a character’s unique way of speaking can enhance their humor and memorability. The repetition, loud tone, quirky vocabulary, and monotone delivery all contribute to creating a distinct and entertaining character that fans of the show love.

What Makes Lemongrab’s Quotes so Memorable?

Lemongrab, one of the most eccentric and unforgettable characters from the animated series Adventure Time, is known for his strange demeanor and unique way of speaking. His quotes have become iconic, leaving a lasting impression on fans. But what exactly makes Lemongrab’s quotes so memorable?

One of the main factors is Lemongrab’s distinct voice and speech pattern. He often speaks in a high-pitched, nasally tone, emphasizing certain words and phrases. This creates a memorable and instantly recognizable vocal style that adds to the quirkiness of his character.

In addition to his voice, Lemongrab’s choice of words and phrases is another reason why his quotes stand out. He often uses strange and unconventional language, combining ordinary words with unusual expressions. This results in phrases that are catchy, unexpected, and sometimes even nonsensical.

Moreover, Lemongrab’s quotes often reflect his extreme emotions and exaggerated reactions. Whether he’s expressing anger, frustration, or excitement, his words convey intense feelings in a way that is both hilarious and memorable. His over-the-top reactions and melodramatic delivery make his quotes stand out from the rest.

Furthermore, Lemongrab’s quotes are memorable because they capture the essence of his character. He is a neurotic, socially awkward ruler who constantly seeks control and perfection. His quotes often showcase his paranoia, insecurity, and desire for order. This makes his dialogue relatable and entertaining, as viewers can empathize with the struggles of a character who is both comical and endearing.

Lastly, Lemongrab’s quotes are memorable because they are often accompanied by hilarious visual gags. The combination of his eccentric speech and exaggerated facial expressions add another layer of humor to his quotes, making them even more memorable and enjoyable.

In conclusion, Lemongrab’s quotes are memorable due to his unique voice, unconventional language, intense emotions, and relatable character traits. The combination of these factors creates a comedic and captivating dialogue that fans of Adventure Time will never forget.

Lemongrab’s Top Quotes That Became Internet Memes

Lemongrab, the notorious character from the animated series Adventure Time, has provided us with some of the most memorable and hilarious quotes that have become popular internet memes. His unique, high-pitched voice and eccentric behavior have made him a fan favorite, and his quotes have been shared and referenced by millions of people online.

One of Lemongrab’s most well-known quotes is “UNACCEPTABLE!” This phrase is often used when expressing extreme displeasure or disapproval, and it has become a go-to meme for expressing frustration or outrage. The combination of Lemongrab’s intense expression and the word itself make for a perfect meme.

Another famous quote from Lemongrab is “You made me, and now I’m trying to unmake you!” This quote perfectly encapsulates his chaotic and unpredictable nature. It is often used in situations where someone feels betrayed or wronged and wants to seek revenge. The meme usually features a screenshot of Lemongrab with this quote overlaid on top.

“I am the Earl of Lemongrab. My quest is simple: I demand a castle!” is another memorable quote from the character. This line perfectly captures Lemongrab’s entitlement and desire for power. It has been turned into a meme that is often used when someone is making ridiculous or unreasonable demands.

Finally, Lemongrab’s quote “This castle is in UNACCEPTABLE CONDITION! UNACCEPTABLE!” has become a popular meme that is used to express dissatisfaction or disappointment with something. It is often paired with an image of something falling apart or being in disarray.

Lemongrab’s unique personality and his memorable quotes have made him a beloved character in the Adventure Time fandom. His quotes turned memes continue to be shared and used in various online communities, bringing laughter and entertainment to fans around the world.

How Lemongrab’s Quotes Reflect Adventure Time’s Unique Humor

Lemongrab, one of the most memorable characters from the popular animated series Adventure Time, is known for his eccentric personality and bizarre quotes. His unique sense of humor adds a touch of hilarity to the show and captivates the audience. Here are a few reasons why Lemongrab’s quotes reflect Adventure Time’s unique humor:

  1. Quirkiness: Lemongrab’s quotes showcase his quirkiness and peculiar mannerisms. His exaggerated reactions and unexpected phrases make for some truly comedic moments. Whether he is shouting “Unacceptable!” or proclaiming “It’s my juice!”, Lemongrab’s unconventional behavior never fails to make us laugh.
  2. Uncomfortable Situations: Adventure Time often places its characters in uncomfortable and awkward situations, and Lemongrab is no exception. His quotes highlight the awkwardness and absurdity of these moments, creating a humorous contrast. One of his famous lines, “Too young to die, but… too old to eat a sword”, perfectly captures this uncomfortable humor.
  3. Surrealism: Adventure Time is known for its surreal and whimsical elements, and Lemongrab’s quotes embody this aspect. His nonsensical phrases and bizarre logic add to the show’s surreal humor. Whether he is saying “Unacceptable levels of clapping!” or “Unacceptable equation!”, Lemongrab’s quotes take us on a whimsical journey through his strange worldview.
  4. Emotional Intensity: Lemongrab’s quotes often come with intense emotions, whether it be anger, frustration, or confusion. His exaggerated expressions and dramatic delivery amplify these emotions, making his quotes even more hilarious. Lemongrab’s famous line “Unacceptable! You… You’re unacceptable!” perfectly captures his intense and over-the-top reactions.
  5. Character Development: Over the course of the series, Lemongrab undergoes character development, which is also reflected in his quotes. Initially depicted as unstable and tyrannical, he gradually learns compassion and empathy. His quotes evolve from harsh and abrasive to more introspective and relatable, showing the show’s ability to blend humor with character growth.

In conclusion, Lemongrab’s quotes not only bring a unique humor to Adventure Time but also reflect the show’s overall comedic style. His quirkiness, uncomfortable situations, surrealism, emotional intensity, and character development all contribute to the show’s appeal and make his quotes unforgettable.

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